How does “Run as->Run configurations” work

As I tried to investigate the bug 137822 which is related to the server configuration, I got some idea about how the server configuration works. Anyway I posted some of my findings so that some other students may get some help from my findings to fix some other server related bugs (there are still some server-related bugs need to be fixed in the bug list.).

After Clicking the “Run -> Run Configurations”, the following steps are invoked:

  1. The configuration dialog is opened
  2. The content of the configuration dialog is created and filled with all the controls and actions .

    • Create the Viewer area with the event control and action
    • Create the Edit area with the event control, created the tab, filled the server combo from the tomcat server list in the server view
    • Initialize the values including the arguments in the tabs
    • Display the Run Configurations Dialog and be ready to catch any event including mouse and key activities
  3. Catch the Double Click event/ New_configuration action/Selected Item Change event, fire the actions
  4. Create instances including wc with a unique name such as “New configuration(1)”, configuration dialog and the group tabs, initialize the tab content.
  5. write the new configuration information to a file and update launch manager with the new configuration.
  6. Display the updated configuration dialog

2 Responses to How does “Run as->Run configurations” work

  1. Davoud says:

    Hi Shelley,

    Hadn’t seen your last 2 posts on cdot planet as I read all the latest posts there. You haven’t categorized your last 2 posts as open source! : )

    Great post(s) and Great job on tackling and following up on the bug you have been working on. Glad that it has all worked out.

    All the best,

  2. shelleyshi says:

    Hi Davoud,

    I knew that. I didn’t get time to finish them yet. I will change the category after I polish them.

    I feel very happy to take this course with you and get lots of help from you. Thanks a lot.

    All the best,

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