A little progress – bug 137822

Today I add following code to the line 132 of org.eclipse..server.ui.ServerLaunchConfigurationTab(), then I am able to get the arguments and run the server without exception.

server2.getLaunchConfiguration(true, null);
}catch(Exception ex){}

However, there are two Apach Servers created when I click the new once.

Because a new server instance will be created by using the name “Tomcat v6.0 Server at localhost” in the method server.getLauchConfiguration(true,null). So there is a problem to use server.getLauchConfiguration(true,null) to get the configuration.


One Response to A little progress – bug 137822

  1. Jordan says:

    Very good Xia,

    A long trip starts with a small step. It is very important to start. Congratulations!


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