More information about the bug 137822

With the help from Larry Isaacs in newsgroup, I realize I go in wrong direction. Before I thought first of all, I should find the code which throw the exception. Then I followed the hint and I should be able to find the supposed value for all some variables. Now I knew that I was far away from my way.

Larry Isaacs explained the reason why the server throw the exception in such condition. I reproduced it and displayed the reason here according to Larry Isaacs.

1. When I new a server, and right click and open the configuration window, the program arguments and VM arguemtns in the tab Arguments are empty, that’s why the server can’t load the class and throw the exception.


2.  However,  when we open the server configuration by clicking the tomcat server in the server view and clicking the “open launch configuration” , there are some arguments in the fields of  program arguments and VM arguments in the tab Arguments.


As Larry Isaacs suggested for me, I should try to set the arguments in the fileds when I run the configurations.


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