Dig the Bug 137822 – Find the code to throw the exception

After the debug, I got the code to throw the exception.

As I expected before, The class Server.java is the key class to start the server service. I set a break point on the method setServerState() of the class Server.java. When I debug it, the following picture is what I got the last line of the code without any exception.

The code throw the exception

As we can see, there is aproblem in the publisher function of ServerBehaviorDelegate.java

publishServer(kind, ProgressUtil.getSubMonitorFor(monitor, 1000));

I must investigate which value is supposed to be for the variables “kind” and “monitor”.  Then  I can fingure out when and where to produce such mistakes.


2 Responses to Dig the Bug 137822 – Find the code to throw the exception

  1. Peter Liu says:

    Hi, Shelley.

    If you’re not sure what to investigate next, you may
    consider posting a question(and the link to your blog posting) on the Bug Report. See if a WTP developer will
    respond soon…


  2. shelleyshi says:

    Hi Peter,

    Yes, I did in this way. I posted my question on the newsgroup, and I got the response as well. I went in a wrong direction. I should try in another way.


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