Bug 137822 – continue(2)

I try to debug the source files in the RCP and set the target platform to WTP. I set some break points withinthe org.eclipse.wst.server.core.internal.server.java file  which I felt pretty sure that it will be hit when I start the server,  and I add some code like “System.out.println(“This is the bug 137822″)” in the file as well. But when I debug it, nothing is happened. Does it mean that I didn’t find the right code, or I debug my code by wrong way? I don’t know.

I tried several ways to make the search.

1. The state of the server is keeping in starting. So I use “starting” to make the search in the .properties files. I found something like “jobstarting= starting” in the messages.properties of package org.eclipse.wst.server.core.internal, then I use jobstarting to make the search again. I get some code like

public StartJob(String launchMode) {
   super(NLS.bind(Messages.jobStarting, Server.this.getName()));
   System.out.println(“This is a try”);
   this.launchMode = launchMode;

set some break point over here. nothing is hit.

2. I realize the exception is URLClassLoader$1.run() exception. Then I tried to use search by using “URLClassLoader” again. All that I searched is some classes in other package.


I shoud focus on the server state to debug the code, or I should focus on the excpetion hints to dig the bug, I really don’t know.

Post something to the newsgroup(http://www.eclipse.org/newsportal/thread.php?group=eclipse.webtools&first=1&last=50).  I hope I can get some suggestion about how I can get started.


3 Responses to Bug 137822 – continue(2)

  1. Nabeel says:

    You set the break points in RCP, with target platform being WTP, and Debug (not Run) from RCP. If the break points are placed appropriately, and you are in the correct package, it will hit the break points.

  2. Peter Liu says:

    Take a break. I think you might get a response on the newsgroup on Monday. Is Angel Vera the QA contact person on the Bug Report?

  3. shelleyshi says:

    Thank you Nabeel.
    Today I try again, and I hit the break. I think I do something wrong. I run from RCP and debug in WTP. I think that’s why.

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