Reproduce WTP-Bug 137822

After Khanh Vu sent me a message that I picked up the same Bug as his, I realize I do something wrong. I should pick up my bug after I read through the blog of some other students. Anyway, I should change to another Bug which I will work on. I reproduce another bug 137822.

The setp is:

1. Open Eclipse as JavaEE view;

2. Add a new Tomcat server from Server View and a Dynamic Web Project;

3. After this, start the Debug configurations;


4. In the new launch configure under Tomcat type, select new server;

bug137822-step35. Hit the Debug, the VM runner throws exception

bug137822-step4 6. This is the whole steps to reproduce the bug 137822, actually after I finish all the steps, I can’t stop the server. After I click the server stop sign on the righ-buttom, there is a warning message popped up to ask for continuing Stop(OK) or Cancel.


7. I click the OK, then the server will show the stopping status. It can’t stop.



One Response to Reproduce WTP-Bug 137822

  1. Peter Liu says:

    Hi, Shelly.

    Keep on blogging and locating the bug.
    The link to “Khanh Vu” is not working properly.


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