Another problem when I try to reproduce the WTP bug-240698

My professor Jordan asked us try to reproduce a bug on WTP-buglist first so that we can try to fix some bugs during this subject, and professor Peter Liu kept asking my progress about my job, which really push me forward.  I really don’t feel like to blog something before. Without taking this subject, I don’t think I’ll get used to blog something in the future as well. Anyway, I select this subject, I must do it. It will be my milestone that I’ll go into the open source world and pick up my knowledge in different way. It’s a good start.

Yesterday I posted my first blog in open source area. Immediately I got the comment from Peter Liu. Thanks for his attention, which really encourage me to do something more 🙂

Actually when I tried to reproduce the WTP bug 240698 yesterday, I found some other error. But I focused on the process which they already posted, so I just ignored it. With the encouragement of Professor Peter Liu, I think I should post them as well. The world is big, and there are so many different people from different countries; however, it is very small, and the internet and high technology connected all the people in the world together. After I posted it , I may get some other suprise from some people who I never know before. SoI think that I should post them anyway.

The step is:

1. Follow my previouse blog to get the second dialog screen for asking for Save, No and Cancel.

The second dialog for asking Save/No/Cancel

The second dialog for asking Save/No/Cancel

2. Select Cancel, an exception will be thrown.

The exception after select Cancel

The exception after select Cancel

I’m not sure whether this is the problem about my XP, or it’s from WTP, or it’s supposed to be like that. 
Thanks for the help from any people anywhere in advance.

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