Bug 240698 – Reproduced


 This is the steps to reproduce the WTP Bug 240698:

1.  open eclipse WTP;

2. Change to the Java EE perspective;

 3. New a server, and choose tomcat as the default server and keep it in “stop” state;

4. Open the server editor and make modifications without save;

5. Start the server. The ‘Save Resourse’ dialog shows up 3 options: Yes, No, Cancel.

6. Select No, the dialog is dismissed and reappears while the server is starting.

It doesn’t make sense that the dialog appears again after you select ‘No’. 

Bug 240698 reproduce

Bug 240698 reproduce


3 Responses to Bug 240698 – Reproduced

  1. Peter Liu says:

    Hi, Shelly.

    Welcome to the world of blogging.


  2. shelleyshi says:

    Thanks your attention and encouragement:)

  3. Kevin Vu says:

    hi sheylley,

    you just picked the same bug that I picked. Is it possible that you could choose another bug? Or could you confirm with Jordan if he is allowed us to work on the same bug?

    I picked and reproduce this bug a while ago on Jan 30


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